Saturday, 24 April 2010

Its all about weddings

Not only is this weekend our one year wedding anniversary but ever since getting married I have been wedding obsessed!
This year, several of our lovely friends are getting married and the weddings are taking us to Ireland and Australia where we have 3 to go to.
Yesterday we got an invite to the first of our Australian weddings. The invites awesome-ness is so great I had to share it!
Liz, the bride, is going all out to make this a highly personal, highly creative wedding and I just know its going to be beautiful... full of photo eye-candy!

I am excited on all levels. To see such a great couple get married and have such an amazing wedding, and the fact that its also the start of a new phase in my life with Dean...we are really looking forward to it!
The wedding is being held here  Its going to be springtime in Australia and just gorgeous. I am taking plenty of film and photographing the whole thing analog!

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