Monday, 17 May 2010

The Photography Parlour

Some time ago, a tweet went out from the lovely Rosie Parsons looking for photographers who are just starting out who may like to share their experiences on a new website called The Photography Parlour. The Photography Parlour is an amazing online hub that Rosie has set up with her husband. There is very little resource in the UK for photographers who want to make the leap into becoming professional and it is quickly becoming a popular spot for people like me to learn and interact with like-minded souls.

I let Rosie know that I was shortly going to be photographing my first wedding and amazingly, she has featured an interview with me on the site.
It has been so rewarding and so motivating to get such fab feedback from established photographers who's work I have admired for some time such as Rosie herself and Chloe, who has always been so full of kind words for me. Then to top it all off, recieving a compliment from a photographer who's work I consider to be out of this world - Jonas Peterson - was quite surreal and totally awesome!

click here if you would like to read what I had to say!

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