Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Beautiful Wedding and Second Shooting

For me, starting out in wedding photography has been a total whirlwind adventure and I am loving every minute of it! I love the emotion of the day, the beauty of the details and seeing two people make a vow to one another that often leaves me speechless. I feel very honoured to have such a privileged role in a couples day, capturing every part of it and creating memories that will last generations. Its an honour and something I feel very lucky to be able to do.

Because I want to ensure that I am the very best that I can be, I am doing all that I can to keep building my knowledge and experience every day and every week. Whether that is doing a course, online learning, attending conferences, meeting and talking to fellow photographers and people in the business or reading magazines and books. Everyday I try to take at least fifteen minutes to sit down and look at the world differently. Training my eye to see and my camera to do.

One of the best ways to learn and experience is to second shoot with other photographers and I have been lucky enough to work with both Emma Case and more recently, Joanna Brown. These two ladies have become firm friends and people who's work I respect and love. I feel very privileged to be able to call them my friends!

My first, second shooting assignment was with Emma and I was lucky enough to join her on a beautiful day in June to capture Sally and Matt's gorgeous day.
Second shooting is an amazing experience. Whilst you get to experience the whole wedding, you also get to learn from your peers and lean on one another to get through what is a wonderful, yet can be slightly stressful day. As a photographer you need to be everywhere and able to adapt to what ever situation is thrown your way. Its one of the things I love about it!

Whilst appreciating the bigger picture.

second shooting allows you to take a step back a little and seek out some of the more subtle moments.
It's about looking at the day through a slightly different perspective and having the opportunity to stretch yourself creatively and technically

I love this shot. I love it because it was so spontaneous! As we were watching the sun set Emma ran off to grab Sally and Matt. Trusting her explicitly, Sally came leaping out the tepee and ran, no... bounced, across the field into the sun. Her happiness was addictive and we all ran along behind them catching the moment and laughing! She is not in the frame but Emma is running just in front of me here, getting a slightly different view and angle. This whole moment was amazing. Shortly after Emma caught this epic shot I watched her do a cartwheel of excitement, bringing more of a smile to Sally and Matt's faces and summarising the whole day in one ecstatic moment. Fabulous!

You can see the full, beautiful post on Emma's site here


  1. Beautiful images.
    What a great experience shooting with such amazing photographers.

    I can only imagine what a great learning curve it is.

  2. Thank you lovely Debbie....
    You were such an amazing support that day... so, so easy working with you.

  3. These are beautiful. I love the close up of the second to last pic - gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful!!! Love each image!


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