Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Monkey Weddings, Earth Mother and a Rockstar Father

This is a little personal post for my parents! I absolutely adore my family! My parents are the coolest in the world and my sister and her little family are so very special. Being so far away in Australia for the next couple months makes me think about them all so much.

The picture below is my all time favourite photo of my Mum and Dad. I just love it. I love that my cool, burly Dad is carrying my Mums handbag and looks so great doing so! And I know he would have taken it quietly without complaint. Because that's just how my Dad is. He just does everything that needs to be done for his family. Without complaint.
I keep this picture with me in a little notebook that I carry around every day and it is pretty well travelled by now. I don't even think my Mum and Dad know that!

For me this picture is everything my Mum and Dad are. My Dad, a burly, generous and loving man and my Mum, the kindest person I know who always puts others before herself and has an incredible sense of fun. She is my best friend.

I think these pictures are the root of my love for the the 70s and its crazy ways. My dad looks like a rock star and my mum, the gentle earthly soul that she is. Whilst neither of my parents played in a band, music did have a big part of their lives and my childhood. Our house was never quiet. So... I have been thinking about who my folks would be if they had been musicians!

For my mum its quite easy. The gorgeousness of Carly Simon combined with Karen Carpenters sweetness and the earthly soul of Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez... with some Abba-esque glam thrown in for good measure!

My dad. Well definitely the hair and style of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and YES and the personality and presence of Credence Clearwater Revival. Fun, thoughtful and full of meaning.

I have no idea why, maybe it was played on our many car journeys, but this song reminds me of my parents every time I hear it. I want to share it!


Now this could be a really sad song but it can be interpreted in so many ways and no-one seems to know the true meaning... but I have my own!
In Africa when it rains and the sun is shining (a sunshower) its said to be a Monkey's Wedding - a translation of the Zulu 'umshado wezinkawu' - a wedding for monkeys. Its pure African folklore. Growing up in Africa, I always loved  sunshowers and I remember many camping trips with friends playing in them! For me this song evokes so many memories and childhood emotions I cannot listen to it enough! Funny what sticks in your mind as a child!

Cool parents. Stylish children. I LOVED that jumper.

Mum and Dad have been married for 35 years this year and I just want to say a huge thank you to you both. For bringing me up to appreciate every little part of life and for instilling a sense of travel and adventure in me. Thank you for supporting me in all my little hobbies and believing in me in everything I do that has got me to where I am today. Preparing for an epic 12 months of adventure and a brand new career! I know I don't call enough or write enough or stay long enough when I come to visit (though you may think otherwise!!) but know this... I love you guys!
(Photo credit: My Dad!)


  1. What a great personal post Debs! Really touching to read and awesome photos too! Your dad is most definitely a rockstar! How cool is he??? Lovely to hear about your family, thank you for sharing. :) Hope Aussie is treating you both very well :). Fx

  2. Aw, that's lovely, Debs. As you know, I grew up in Zimbabwe so remember 'monkeys' weddings' and 'elephants' christenings' ;)

  3. Wow what a gorgeous post. Thank you for the little insight inside your mind.

  4. I love this post and those photos of your parents are fantastic.
    I bet you parents are so proud of you!

  5. What a beautiful post, Debs. I love that photo of your parents together, they look so happy and peaceful and I love how old and worn the photo looks, something very beautiful about it.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful and moving post Debs. They will adore this x

  7. you just made me cry.....a wonderful blog post...straight from the heart <3


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