Sunday, 14 November 2010

Where in the World....Fraser Island

Anyone who follows me on twitter or Facebook with probably be aware that I am currently in Australia and have been here for a few weeks now. Married to an Australian I am lucky enough to get to share my time between home (the UK) and Australia and we are here until the middle of Dec before returning to the UK where I have some gorgeous weddings to photograph.

Our time in Australia has been spent catching up with lots of family and friends, attending several weddings and the Christening of our Godchild. We have also managed to squeeze in a week of very rustic camping on Fraser Island with friends. One of Dean's most favourite places!

Fraser is a great place. A chance to get back to basics and see a very different side of Australia. We free camped (where you just find a spot on the beach and set up camp) for 7 days with no showers, no bathrooms, no internet... OK. Thats not strictly true. One of our friends had an iPad with him so I got to check in every now and again!
The real beauty about our trip this year was going in October. No mosquito's or flies, not too hot and not too many tourists so you had the beach all to yourself to drive along at your leisure!
Here are just a few pics from our trip to give you a flavour of what it was like!

The most overdone shot in the world... but hey. That view!

The main road!

Doing the dishes, Fraser Island style!

Cute visitors to our camp. This one little guy, who we called 'Ernie' came to see us everyday. I was terrified the first time and eventually got used to him sniffing around the tent at night!

As we loaded onto the ferry and prepared to head home, I got one last glance at the island reflected in the windows....


  1. How gorgeous, Debs. Truly stunning.

  2. Wow! These are beautiful.
    Some of these would look lovely framed.

  3. We are the opposite (me Aussie, hubby British) and I'd love to be able to be doing what you're doing! Great pics and gorgeous place! :)

  4. Well hello Debs Blog Posts, so nice to see you again!

    I am insanely jealous of your time away. I delivered the wedding we shot on Saturday and you did a killer job, thank you!

    Can't wait to see more of what you have been up to, Debs!

  5. These are beautiful shots! Glad you liked camping on the island. October really is the best time to visit Fraser.

  6. Love these!! Lucky you, enjoy Australia!

  7. How amazing is fraser island!! The sand gets EVERYWHERE and seems to be irremovable for weeks after - but it is totally worth it. Some fab shots.


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