Monday, 30 May 2011

{This Is Africa} Travels through Kenya

I really wasn't sure I would get to do this... blog about our trip while still on the road but with Wifi at our current camp I thought I would take the opportunity! I am not writing a travel diary this trip... so I decided to blog where I can. With some pictures of course!

Some of you may know that Dean and I are on a bit of an epic trip. We are travelling through Eastern and Southern Africa...  overland on a big yellow bus and so far we are 9 days in we are loving it!

Our trip started in Nairobi where, after a two nights stay at a mini oasis camp that was far enough away from the polluted air of Nairobi to feel like we were already in the bush, we met the crew and our fellow campers and we were introduced to Kifaru (Swahili for rhino) ... our home for the next 72 days. The grinning dude in the picture in the link is Moses, our tour guide to Cape Town on the trip. Such an awesome bloke!

Travelling from Nairobi we headed to our first stop to feed giraffes at a nearby sanctuary and after that particularly touristy experience, we visited the amazing Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage. Now anyone who knows me will know that
Like...LOVE them and to see a herd of babies running towards us like a group of cute toddlers to play and have their morning feed was beyond heaven to me! We watched them wallow in a mud bath, got to briefly touch one if it walked close enough or, as in Dean's case, get splatted with their mud as one went rogue and broke through the particularly useless roped off area.

I am now the proud adoptive parent of Naipoki and you can read her little story here if you like!

After that fab start we started our trip to the north of the Maasai Mara where we spent a night bush camping and seeing what I will forever argue was a leopard prowling our camp, its eyes catching my torch light on a trip back from the bathroom. We enjoyed early morning safaris from our elevated position in Kifaru and were treated to such sights as a family of Cheetah eating a freshly killed Zebra, a pride of 18 lions attempt to hunt a Wildebeest ... not very succesfully I might add as half the pride were cubs and they were not particularly discreet. We have enjoyed mountainbiking through the game reserve of Hells Gate, a walking safari, watching hippos wallow in Lake Naivasha and been entertained by Maasai warriors.

Yesterday we crossed the equator and today we crossed the Kenyan border into Uganda where after a few days in the adventure capital of Jinja we will then look forward to a Gorilla Trek in the mountains of Rawanda.

We can't wait!


  1. Oh Debs, this is making me miss Africa :( I am so jealous you are getting to do all this. LOVE your photos so far x

  2. Incredible pictures and I love reading about where you have been and what you've been up to - can't wait to hear more. Sounds like it's out of this world. Keep having amazing times gorgeous girl xxx

  3. I would like it very much, if you please came home now. Thanks. x

  4. Sounds amazing, Debbie! All these amazing animals. Makes me want to go!


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