Thursday, 28 July 2011

{This is Africa} Life on a Big Yellow Truck

Sharing a home with 28 people can be quite something. We are up early in the morning, early enough to see the sunrise every day. We have to clean up after one another, cook for each other, put up with snoring, bad habits and faffing about when you have somewhere to go. Your bed has to be put up every night, set down every day and it takes a lot of co-ordination to pack the truck up every day and still be on time for a 6 am departure. Yet when you are overlanding it just works. Every one gets stuck in, has a laugh and a giggle and you eventually get used to going for a 'wee-wee' break in front of your new mates. Some who have only known you a few days before being introduced to the fight for a suitable bush!

But its amazing.

Life overlanding is fab. Truely good fun. I think we are super lucky on this trip, having been joined by a great group of like minded individuals who all have the same thing in mind. Adventure. We are overlanding with Absolute Africa and I have to say that hands down I think they are the best... But I am biased of course! We have seen so many trucks on the road and I think ours are the most comfy. Its amazing how much having a power socket and forward facing seats makes such a huge difference to ones life!

A typical day for us starts at the crack of dawn. We are up early and its dark and with snakes and scorpions in mind we pack up our tents with care before tucking into the breakfast the cooking group has done for us that morning. Some days are cruisy with very little driving, others are a bit longer and we have had a few all-dayers! Lunch is generally in a nearby town or beside the truck on the way to our destination. Arriving at the campsite we set up home for the night and then either head to town, go on a game drive or partake in a bit of chilling. The 'truckies' clean the truck while the cooks get dinner on. Dinners have been awesome and it has to be said that cooking for 28 people is not always straightforward. Once again we are lucky on this trip with no major allergies and no vegetarians! Sorry veggies... its nothing against you it would just make life that bit more complicated when all you want to do is sit by the waterhole watching elephants!
Dinner is eaten around the camp fire followed by a hot drink, often a hot chocolate with a dash of Amarula Cream to warm the toes (you have to try it) then its off to bed or the campsite bar!

I have loved it! I loved the things we have seen, the towns we have been through and the people we have met. I have loved the early starts and the chilly nights, the truck breaking down in the middle of no where whilst we sit waiting on the side of the road while the exhaust was tied back on with wire. A temporary measure until we can get to a garage.  I have loved the constant bickering over 'who took my spoon' and the general camaraderie of everyone pulling together to get things done, to get dinner cooked on time and cleaned away so we can get to the bar. Overlanding has been an amazing experience and for what we have seen, the things we have done and the friends we have made, I cannot recommend it more to anyone!


  1. I LOVE these photographs! Such a hazy mellow feel to them, beautiful! So happy you're having such an incredible time xxx

  2. These are gorgeous! Such beautiful memories and what an amazing adventure.

  3. Oh dear, this post has REALLY made me miss Africa, especially as it's drizzling outside today in London. Beautiful photographs, Deb, and writing too.


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